Reporting & Analytics

Stop relying on your intuition and discover what really works. We can help you grow your website by allowing you to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions.

Tailored monthly reports.

We want to help your business grow! We will send you a tailored monthly performance summary as part of your subscription that allows you to evaluate your website performance and make data-informed decisions.

Visitor insight.

We install Google Analytics as standard providing you with invaluable information to implement data-driven decisions and strategies that aid business growth, increase audience reach, and optimise viewer to customer conversion.

Third party tools available.

Looking for something in particular to achieve your business goals? Let’s have a chat! We can offer you a variety of additional third party tools to suit your individual requirements.

More features.

UK-Based Bespoke Design

Premium Support

Enterprise Grade Hosting

“When looking for a new website the big guys were just too expensive while the smaller agencies overlooked a lot of errors and the design still wasn’t modern enough. Creatify’s design felt modern but kept with our brand guidelines and has a luxury feel to it. As a bonus, I’m also confident that there aren’t going to be any issues after a long week around the UK.”

William Curley,

Smart websites backed by real data.

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