Keeping it simple, by design.

How Creatify Works

How do you use AI to build your websites?

Whilst our expert human designers craft an intelligent, goal driven website for your business, we also use artificial intelligence to increase your website’s reliability and reduce overall production time.

What does the creative process look like?

When you decide to go with Creatify you know your website is going to stand out because of our unique creative process that utilises cutting edge technology.


We’ll ask you various questions about your business, goals, and website requirements. Your dedicated expert designer will design your site based around the unique objectives that are important to you. Our artificial intelligence tools will help write the code and make decisions to enhance the site’s overall layout and form.

How long will it take Creatify to build my website?

We don’t like to hang about. We aim to have your website up and running within 1-2 weeks of your initial brief questionnaire.

Can you meet me in person?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer in-person meetings but have sought to compensate this by offering you four different means of communication to choose from, either by live chat, email, phone, or video call.

Who writes the copy for my website?

You decide! We usually recommend you to write the copy for your site because nobody knows your business better than you! But we are also very happy to write copy for you on your behalf on a basis of £50 per hour.

Can you design logos and provide full brand guidelines?

Sure thing, click here for more info!

Where can I see example's of Creatify's work?

We don’t like to brag, but you can view some examples of our phenomenally successful work here. Want to see more? Ask your expert designer for some examples related to your industry!

Our Plans

What payment plans do you offer?

We offer four different plans, none of which have an upfront fee, meaning you get to choose the plan that’s right for your business without going bankrupt in the process (score).


Our Business plan prices at £199 a month* and fits the requirement of up to 3 pages.

Our Premium plan prices at £299 a month* and fits the requirements of up to 8 pages and 20 commercial products.

Our Enterpise plan prices at £399 a month* and fits the requirements of up to 15 pages and 100 commercial products.

If none of these fit, and you want a more bespoke price for you bespoke business, then we have our Bespoke plan. Simply contact us and your site will also benefit from unlimited pages and unlimited products. Everyone’s happy.

*When billed annually.

If I want to cancel my subscription, who owns my content? Can I take it with me elsewhere?

Any content you have provided or any copy you have paid for you are welcome to take with you anywhere in the world. However, if you decided to cancel your subscription, then we would unfortunately not be able to continue providing our services, designs or your website.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yup. We want to work with you so will support your business growth or changes by making things as easy as possible. You are not tied to the plan you initially chose and are welcome to change at any time. (Spread your wings and fly).

Can Creatify help me set up a professional email for my company?

Indeed we can. We can set up G Suite accounts for your business, featuring your own custom domain, for £3.30/month per user.

On top of Gmail, each account will gain access to Google Hangouts, Calendar, Drive (online storage), Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides.

Website Features

Are Creatify's websites Search Engine Optimised (SEO)?

Of course! We provide on-page SEO to all of our customers regardless of their chosen plan. 

Are Creatify's websites optimised for mobile devices and tablets?

Yes! All Creatify websites are optimised and responsive across digital devices.

Can I edit my website myself?

Sure thing, but you don’t have to!


Unlimited updates and redesigns are included as part of your monthly plan. Just get in touch with your dedicated expert designer to describe the update you would like and they’ll get it done asap.

Prefer to make basic updates yourself? Check out our knowledge-base videos to view just how simple it is to make changes to your Creatify site.

Can I edit my blog myself?

Yes. We make it super easy for you to produce a beautiful blog, allowing you to update and edit in real time.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides statistics on your overall website performance. This data can highlight what works and what doesn’t on your site, allowing you to request changes that will ultimately increase your site’s SEO and improve the success of your marketing strategies.

Can my site be multilingual or bilingual?

Oui. However, each additional language will count as an extra page.
Eg: If 4 languages are required for a 1 page site then our Startup plan would not be suitable.

Can I offer discount codes on my website?

Yes. You can buy one get one free, offer free delivery, provide coupons, etc., all day long to your heart’s content.